Apple to Give Free Access to iTunes?

Apple to Give Free Access to iTunes?

According to a article published this week, Apple is considering giving unlimited, free access to download all iTunes music, but there’s a catch.

Sounds to good to be true right? Free, unlimited access to the entire iTunes music library. Apple must be nuts you say. Maybe. Apple is not just going to give it away for free. They are considering increasing the cost of the iPod and iPhone to a point which would include the unlimited iTunes access.

This clearly poses a problem considering there are millions of iPod and iPhone users that already pay for iTunes music. What happens to those people? Do they still have to pay? Do they have to buy a new iPod or iPhone?

This sounds like a ridiculous business proposal for Apple. Apple sold $8.3 billion in iPods last year. Should they really be discussing a price increase for iPods and iPhones?

If Apple wants to do something to generate more sales, try pulling the copy protection off of their music so that people with a Microsoft Zune or another brand of mp3 player other than an iPod can play them. Just a thought.
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