Should Students and Teachers Be Facebook Friends?

Should schools regulate or ban communications between teachers and students by cellphone, Facebook or e-mail? Times reporter Jennifer Preston found districts in New York State and across the country scrambling to create a social media policy in the wake of a few inappropriate relationships that included electronic communications. A district in Georgia has banned private electronic communication entirely; Missouri is revamping such a rule after teachers persuaded a judge that the proposed law was unconstitutional.

But is this about social media or about how to handle the student-teacher connection in an increasingly connected society? The quickest response to a proposal of a wholesale ban on electronic student-teacher communication is to look for the middle ground: an e-mailed assignment seems fine, Facebook questionable, and a cellphone call outside the bounds of a usual relationship — until you read the comments on the original article, “Rules to Stop Pupil and Teacher from Getting Too Social Online.”

Full Story Via the New York Times

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