Nokia exec talks about the advantage of carrier exclusives

Nokia announced the 41-megapixel-equipped Lumia 1020 at a press conference in New York City on Thursday. Unlike the iPhone 5, Galaxy S4 and HTC One, which are available across all major carriers in the U.S., the company’s upcoming flagship smartphone will launch exclusively on AT&T later this month. In fact, Nokia in the past year has created unique devices for AT&T, Verizon and T-Mobile. Along with the 1020, AT&T offer the Lumia 920, while Verizon and T-Mobile carry the Lumia 928 and 925 respectively. Jo Harlow, the head of Nokia’s smartphone business, explained that carriers are more inclined to promote Windows Phones if they have an exclusive on the devices. “Giving something exclusive or unique has been more of an incentive

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