Consumer Reports: AT&T Next is almost $300 more expensive than T-Mobile JUMP [updated]

That sound you hear is more loud crowing from T-Mobile CEO John Legere. ConsumerReports has done a good breakdown comparing the new early upgrade plans from T-Mobile and AT&T and has found that AT&T’s plan will cost you almost $ 300 more per year than the most expensive version of the T-Mobile plan. Although the cost of buying devices is roughly the same on both plans — AT&T doesn’t charge you any down payment but does charge higher monthly payments for buying the devices than T-Mobile does — T-Mobile’s lower monthly wireless service prices give it an annual price tag of $ 1,542 for unlimited data while AT&T’s higher rates give the AT&T Next plan an annual price tag of $ 1,830 with

Full Story Via Tech News Headlines – Yahoo! News

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