Google wants to simplify online communication with new Gmail changes

Google further integrates Gmail with Google +In the coming days you'll be able to email any Google+ contact, even if you don't have their email address. It means that when you start typing a recipient's name in the address bar, Gmail will automatically suggest your Google+ connections as well as any saved email contacts. And while it will no doubt make getting in touch with some people much easier, the new feature can also be seen as yet another attempt to try to make Google+ more relevant because despite its huge membership (500 million+ and counting), the social network is essentially a ghost town compared with other sites like Facebook. For those worried about invasions of privacy and the threat of spam — after all, not every connection on Google+ (or every ‘Friend' on Facebook for that matter) is actually someone we really want to talk to or meet in person — who can and can't email you via your Google+ profile can be controlled.

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