Meta wants to augment your world with the ‘Iron Man’ interface

Meta wants to augment your world with the 'Iron Man' interfaceThe glasses come from Meta, a small company with huge dreams that's already comparing itself to tech heavyweights like Apple, even though it doesn't even have a consumer product on the market yet. Its goal is to get our devices from the super-slim state they already exist in down to absolutely nothing: in Meta's vision of the future, our augmented reality glasses project holograms onto the world around us, letting us play with a nonexistent phone in our hand or use a mirror of a computer we have in another room. By all means, Meta has the names it'll need to start down that road. Perhaps more immediately captivating, it's also hired Jayse Hansen, the designer behind Tony Stark's incredible holographic interfaces in the first and third movies, to create a UI just like the Iron Man suit's for Meta's glasses.

Full Story Via Tech News Headlines – Yahoo News

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