The world’s biggest vinyl record is now spinning atop LA’s Forum

The world's biggest vinyl record is now spinning atop LA's ForumThe Forum in Los Angeles is one of the sports world's most historic venues, having hosted the LA Lakers during their glorious Showtime years. Recently acquired by the Madison Square Garden Company, it's undergone a $ 100 million facelift to turn it into a first-rate concert venue, and to celebrate the completion, it's having its roof decorated in an unprecedented fashion. 25 tons of material, 15,000 LED lights, 1 mile of aluminum framework, and over 5 acres of printed vinyl are coming together to create an enormous Hotel California vinyl record that will spin atop The Forum's roof at 17mph. Spanning 407 feet in diameter, this is easily the largest vinyl record ever put together, and will serve as a fitting tribute to The Eagles, who'll inaugurate the new Forum with a series of six shows starting this Wednesday.

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