Dota 2 Is Adding Two New Heroes In Its Next Major Update

At last night's Dota 2 International tournament, Valve showed off what the game's playerbase has wanted all year long: The first hint of a major update. This year, the game is getting not one, but two all-new heroes.

Neither combatant has a confirmed name just yet, though we got a look at their some of their abilities. One character looks based on an pangolin, with the ability to roll around the battlefield at high speed. They also have a rapier and thick accent, similar to the Shrek films' ***-in-Boots. This second looks to be a fairy with the ability to summon sprites from their lantern. Their name could be Sylph, as the name appeared earlier this year in Dota 2's codebase.

You can watch the trailer for the new heroes below.

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