Munich Replaces Windows with Debian GNU/Linux 3.1


Munich has begun its migration to Debian GNU/Linux 3.1 on the desktop, a year later than planned and nearly three years since the city announced its move to open-source software.

“There have been some delays along the way, but we’re now moving steadily ahead,” Florian Schiessl, manager of the city of Munich’s “Limux” project, said today in an interview. Limux is shorthand for the “Linux in Munich” initiative.

Since Tuesday, the first 100 of the city’s 14,000 PCs have been switched from Microsoft Corp.’s Windows operating system and Office applications to Linux and OpenOffice.

“Today, we’re still working in both the Windows and Linux worlds,” Schiessl said. “But over the next two years, the Linux world will get bigger, while the Windows world will get smaller.”



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