Sexy Female Android So Real You’ll Swear She’s Human

Sexy Female Robot

The Kokoro company of Tokyo, Japan has created an android or humanistic robot which is so realistic in design that a person might actually believe she’s human. The robots name is Actroid DER. She is not only sexy but smart as well. She can speak multiple languages and understands thousands of words and phrases. She is able to carry on a legitimate conversation with you without any trouble at all. If she doesn’t understand you she’ll politely change the subject of the conversation. Smart gal.

Sexy Female Robot

Is this the future of things to come? In a word, yes. She can be dressed in a multitude of outfits to accomodate environments such as a maid, model, etc. Currently Kokoro is renting these androids to lonely men, I mean corporations to use at special events.

Want to see more of this sexy android? Check out the video.


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6 thoughts on “Sexy Female Android So Real You’ll Swear She’s Human”

  1. Ok ppl i live in ottawa and i swear every person where i live is a human robot is there any web site where they show pics of them and also a way to stop these things i like humans not machines! id love to learn how to know if they are human or a bot…. ty any info will be helpful

  2. i wish they made more such female sexy androids and user friendly so that we can hire them as girlfriends .real girlfriends are boring .

  3. Watch out girls. If they can make these things give great sex, clean house, always obey and never talk back, you’ll never get a date again because all the guys will go home to their android women instead of going out looking for real ones. You’ll be useless for everything except making babies. So much for radical feminism.

  4. I think that female androids are cool I wish I had one of ny own but I would not want to see the price tag on one of those babies! ADROID FAN

  5. Don’t think it doesn’t go both ways, boys. With a robotic boyfriend, I’d be happy, too.
    But is that really true? There are certain aspects of human relationships that just can’t be replicated in machines, and probably never will be.
    I am writing a thesis on the topic of robots becoming more “human” and I do envision that one day we will replace most of our socialization with robotic figures, but humans will never entirely loss the fear of being replaced by robots so we may never get that far.

  6. The only people that would want an android girlfriend or boyfriend is someone who really cant get a significant other and if they can it probably isnt someone of their first choice, I’ve done just fine in dating screw a robot theres nothing like the real deal, I feel sorry for you “losers.”

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