Microsoft Zune Bites Apple to the Core

Microsoft Zune

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Apple, Inc. creator of the famed iPod should be shaking in their boots about now. Finally, Microsoft, armed with Zune has emerged, and they’re hungry for Apple. Apple who has captured roughly three quarters of the market share in this segment is facing some tough competition from Microsoft. First off, the Zune has features that the iPod does not. The Microsoft device has extra features, such as an FM tuner, and the ability to transfer songs between Zune devices wirelessly. In addition, Zune ships preloaded with songs and video from popular artists such as Band of Horses, Bitter:Sweet, Coldcut and others.

Secondly, Apple computer commands roughly a 5% marketshare of computer desktop operating systems as opposed to Microsoft which commands about 90%. This leaves Microsoft with a significantly higher number of current customers in which to market the Zune to. Since the interface on the Zune strongly resembles that of Windows Vista, that should help Microsoft lure existing customers to the device citing the ease of operation and similarity to their current desktop platform. Microsoft expects to have roughly 300 million Vista users over the next several years.

Finally, Microsoft has priced the Zune one dollar more than the iPod. The competitive pricing along with the additional features, should make the Zune a very attractive iPod alternative for many potential buyers.

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1 thought on “Microsoft Zune Bites Apple to the Core”

  1. Apple iTunes and iPod can work on Windows and Apple platform and the Zune cannot work on Apple’s platform so actually it seems the iPod has that advantage.

    The interface? A cheap all plastic knock-off iPod design with a “circular” navigation button imitating the scroll wheel but is actually four buttons.

    Wifi usage with this product is more of an idea rather than an easy way to pick up songs from stranger with the same device that can only be played three times max before iTunes Music Store immitatior “Zune Marketplace” makes you buy them. Besides without the Wifi the battery life will be 8 hrs less than the competing iPod. What will this be reduced to when the Wifi is operating? 1-2 hrs?

    Its sad to see Microsoft immitate Apple again, however what has made the iPod a success is its style and ease of use; something Microsoft in its software historically has never been able to compete with Apple on. However, Microsoft is a superior marketing machine ready to supply the unknowing masses with a second class product.

    By the way, those are popular artist???

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