Add Chitika results to your WordPress Search queries


I stumbled upon a very cool little trick on the Chitika support website. This simple code modification allows you to easily return Chitika product results from a standard WordPress search query. This works great!

Please keep in mind that this mod will only work using the default WordPress theme. Follow these simple instructions to set it up:

1. Open the search.php file in your default WordPress theme folder.

2. Find the following line in the template code.

var ch_queries = new Array( );

3. Paste your eMiniMalls code underneath that line. For example:

var ch_queries = new Array( );

4.Change the following line in your default Chitika code from:


var ch_queries = new Array( );

To this:

var ch_queries = new Array("");

Save your file. That’s it! Very simple code with nice results. To see it in action just search for any keyword and you will be returned both blog results and matching Chitika results. Now have at it.

For further information visit the Chitika support website here.

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