Microsoft Zune Slammed on National TV

Craig Ferguson of the Late, Late Show on CBS proceeds to tear Microsoft and it’s new “Zune” portable media player a new one in this video. He makes fun of the Zune’s name and then continues on to tell how the Zune has all the features of the iPod only not as good. I wouldn’t be expecting any free Zune promo samples any time soon if I were him.

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6 thoughts on “Microsoft Zune Slammed on National TV”

  1. THIS guy has the nerve to call the Zune lame?!?!?!?! A blinking light that tells the audience when to “laugh”…now that’s lame

  2. oh, c’mon. the guy has been on a long time and an anti-MS comment isn’t going to kill him. he may as well have been bashing Bush or Christians.

    (btw – i like Bush, i’m a Christian, and i’m NOT a mac fan)

    i think Craig is hilarious. i really think he has no idea what he’s talking about and doubt he’s ever even seen a Zune. i don’t get to watch him regularly, but i catch what i can and he’s hysterical. he’s making as much fun of myspacers and our whole generation as he is the Zune. and if you can’t laugh at yourself, well, you’re not much fun.

  3. o.k. I see your point. I’m sure he doesn’t have a clue about the actual device anyway. It’s just good TV and it’s just good to talk about on the blog. I just don’t like when people spew about things they are clueless about. I’m sure he is right about Zune anyway. Microsoft will never overtake the iPod in sales volume even if the Zune is a better device. It’s too late. They missed the boat on this one.

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