Speed Up Your WordPress Blog

Since WordPress is the most popular (and best) blog platform out there this article may apply to many of you. One problem with WordPress however can be slow performance. Out of the box WordPress is fast, before you start loading up plugins that is.

As the popularity of my blog increases I noticed that the quantity of comment and trackback SPAM increases significantly as well. That can be expected. I had been using Spam Karma 2, a darn good plugin with fairly good results, however I noticed that as the SPAM got worse SK2 had to work harder which appeared to be placing a bigger load on the blog. Since Spam Karma 2 is database driven it seemed to making many frequent database calls when updating the blacklist, logs, and spam tables. I believe the following MySQL tables are used with SK2: sk2_blacklist,wp_sk2_logs and wp_sk2_spams.

I decided to try out the latest version of the anti SPAM plugin called Akismet which is put out by Automattic. After testing Akismet for several days I discovered that not only did it catch more SPAM than SK2, it did not put any load on the blog or slow it down. Why? No database tables to update. Akismet checks the comments against it’s server database, not yours, which results in no load on your SQL database. Akismet claims to have a SPAM miss rate of 0.001%. That’s pretty darn good!

Shutting down SK2 – After shutting down the SK2 plugin I immediately noticed a performance improvement. Was this just coincidence? I don’t think so. It has been two days so far and the blog speed has remained robust. SPAM has been given the daily smack down better than ever. To say I am pleased with Akismet would be an understatement. Should you try this plugin and shutdown SK2 today? Yes! Be sure to submit your comments and let me know how it works for you.
Other WordPress performance MODS – Are there other areas you could tweak to improve blog performance such as improving posting speed? You bet! We’ll get into that in my next WordPress related post. (c) 2006 ElectroGeek.com


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