Munich buys used Windows 2000 Pro Licenses instead of Vista

According to information posted by the, the city of Munich is purchasing thousands of used licenses of Microsoft Windows 2000 Professional rather than purchasing new copies of Windows Vista.

Apparently the city of Munich is not having great success with their plans to convert their network to Linux as they had previously planned and as a result are purchasing the used Windows 2000 Pro licenses in an effort to save money. A German court previously ruled that a company cannot resell software licenses after they have been used which protects the software vendor a forces the use to purchase a new license. The city of Munich obviously doesn’t feel the need to comply with that law and is going ahead with the purchase of the used operating system licenses.

Since Microsoft has discontinued support of Windows 2000 Pro it doesn’t seem like a wise investment to purchase the used licenses to run the city of Munich’s government network. What are those city of Munich IT guys thinking? Copyright (c) 2007


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