Technorati Tags for Building Blog Traffic?

I have been experimenting with tagging each of my posts with relevant Technorati tags for the last six months. By doing so should you expect to see an increase in traffic originating from Technorati? Here are the results of my findings.

During a six month period from 10/01/06 – 03/31/07 I tagged my posts with relevant Technorati tags in an effort help Technorati users find my posts. Even though I have been using an excellent WordPress plugin (SimpleTags 2.0) it has still been time consuming. The extra effort of tagging the posts has not really paid off from a traffic standpoint. (Technorati referrals placed 9 and 10 on the top 10 traffic referring domains to

The top referring domains were as follows:


Needless to say Technorati tagging did not generate any significant traffic as compared to the other top referring domains in my traffic reports. Since the Technorati tags are taking up valuable blog real estate without producing any real result, I will omit them from future posts (such as this one) and re-evaluate the referral traffic to see if the Technorati traffic drops below the number 9 and 10 positions.

To sum things up, if you are already pinging Technorati when you post (as most WordPress Blog users are) then there should not be a need to Technorati tag your posts. So lose the TAGS and free up some of your blogs real estate for better uses such as a Chitika eMinimalls for example.