Easy Traffic Building Tip for your Blog

So you’ve been blogging like crazy all week and your traffic really started to pick up. Great! But don’t stop there. There’s something very simple that you can do to keep it rolling. I’m going to tell you what to do.

This is a very simple traffic building tactic that most bloggers simply fail to do. They write posts all week and then comes the weekend. I know you’re tired of looking at a monitor but if you don’t post on the weekends your traffic will take a dive. All the good bloggers post on weekends. Problogger.net (Darren Rowse) posts on weekends, Jeremy Schoemaker (Shoemoney.com) does it, John Chow does it, I just did it and you need to post on weekends too.

So take the pain, breakout the laptop and crank out a post or two. Take the time to write something that your readers will appreciate such as an easy little tip like this. Sometimes it’s the simple things such as posting on weekends that get overlooked that make all the difference in your success.

Now get back to your weekend. (After you finish your post of course.) And after you post why not celebrate and buy yourself something nice like a Rolex. You earned it!
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