CommentLuv WordPress Plugin – Increased Blog Traffic, Bad for Ad Sales

This WordPress Plugin will enable you to create great traffic for your blog by encouraging readers to visit often and comment on your posts.

I recently came upon the CommentLuv Plugin for WordPress which enables a commenter on your blog to automatically add their latest post from their own blog in the comments section on your blog. While this definitely encourages readers to visit your blog and comment it also brings to question, “Why would someone purchase a text link ad on my blog posts if they are getting one for free?”

I could see this working out well for a blogger if you are not selling ads in your posts, however if you are it just doesn’t make sense to me. Perhaps the increased traffic from this Plugin might warrant dropping text ad sales within your posts and focusing on front page and sidebar ads. Since advertisers currently purchase ads in my posts, I will have to decide if it’s worth while trying this Plugin out.

I welcome any comments from bloggers that have had good success using this plugin. You can find the CommentLuv Plugin here.
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5 thoughts on “CommentLuv WordPress Plugin – Increased Blog Traffic, Bad for Ad Sales”

  1. That’s a good point–I hadn’t thought of that. This commentluv thing is pretty new to me and I’ve been considering possibly using it on my site as an incentive. Now I’m not so sure.

  2. I stick to using eBay and Amazon affiliate links for my monetization, so I find the commentluv plugin to be a good investment for me.

    Data points,


  3. Same here. I use Google Adsense, so no one is actually going to my site to analyze if it’s ad worthy. For websites with constant adspace without automatic monotization, i could definitely see it becoming an issue. Probably not a big one considering the comments section has low real estate as opposed to the header or top sidebar…and that’s what advertisers want. That’s just my thought.

  4. I use commentluv and keywordluv, it does not seem to attract any new traffic.

    but so far, no harm

    I suspect people slowly learning about these 2 plugins, and soon they will search for wordpress blog that have comment luv and keyword luv to browse
    at least, this is the theory…


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