WordPress 2.5 Widgets FUBARed?

It appears that WordPress has done away with the drag and drop sidebar widget functionality and ease of use from it’s previous releases. Not a change for the better.

I just installed WordPress version 2.5 after logging into my admin panel of WordPress 2.3.3 stated, “Your WordPress 2.3.3 is out of date. Please update. ” Of course as always, I installed it on my test server first. Good thing I did.

It appears that what used to take me seconds (moving around and editing sidebar widgets) now takes minutes or just doesn’t work at all. It appears that some widgets that I was using previously just don’t work such as the Executable PHP widget. If you need to run PHP in a widget or post then you can use this one instead Exec-PHP. It works fine with 2.5 it seems.

In WordPress 2.5 you now have to click on a serious of buttons to add widgets, change, save, show all widgets, show used widgets, show unused widgets, show sidebar1, show sidebar 2, etc. That’s a lot of freaking clicking just to add, display or modify a widget. I am truly grateful that WordPress allows us to utilize such a great product for free, so I guess complaining about the FUBARed widgets is just being greedy. Nah. I hope they fix this real soon.

I will probably not upgrade the live blog to version v2.5 until they revise the widget functionality. Try installing v2.5 on a test server first before upgrading your live site. You’ll be happy you did.
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1 thought on “WordPress 2.5 Widgets FUBARed?”

  1. i upgraded to wp 2.5 and i love everything about it except for just this one thing..but i think i’ll stick with 2.5 now that i’ve upgraded,hopefully version 2.6 or something will bring that better drag and drop functionality 2.3 had

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