More Users Running Linux than Vista

According to a recent poll at the blog the number users running the Linux operating system exceeded the number of users running Windows Vista.

Currently 22 percent of users polled are running Linux as opposed to 21 percent who are running Windows Vista as their primary operating system. It would be interesting to see how the percentages change as the total number of votes increases.

I would not be surprised if Linux continued to surpass Vista in total votes. I work with Windows Vista on a daily basis with my clients and I have to say that I can’t honestly recommend it to anyone. The Vista O.S. is a tremendous resource hog. The Vista operating system when installed on any PC with less than a high end Core 2 Duo CPU and 2 GB of RAM is asking for trouble. Linux on the other hand is very easy on the memory and CPU utilization and seems to run well even on older P3 machines.

Stop by the blog at and make your vote for your favorite O.S.

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