Robot that will Empower all Couch Potatoes

Attention Couch Potatoes!

Attention all couch potatoes! This robot will change your life forever. You will never have to lift the TV remote again.

This freaky looking little 11 inch tall robot is going to revolutionize the way you watch TV. Sort of. According to Toshiba this little guy named ApriPoko, is a voice activated remote control that uses artificial intelligence to understand your voice commands and program itself.

Theoretically all you will have to do is use your TV remote so that ApriPoko will recognize and start programming the channel and button codes into his memory. After he memorizes your codes and voice you will then be able to tell ApriPoko to turn on the TV and tell him what channel you want.

I will definitely be purchasing one of these robots after they have been upgraded to mix me a Jack and Coke and prepare me a sandwich. Until then I will probably still be using the 4 remote controls on my coffee table.

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