Free HTC Home Customizer for WM6

The HTC Home Customizer v1.0 (HHC) is an application which lets you completely customize and backup/restore your HTC Home Plugin settings.

I found this great little application at that allows you to completely customize your HTC Home Plugin settings. The HTC Home Plugin is required to use this application. (This app can download it for you)

Features Include:

  • Customize the look of your plugin from 4 different appearance options.
  • Save appearance settings to a custom Theme list.
  • View and download extra appearances directly to your device through the app.
  • Create a custom weather database to select cities from instead of the default list.
  • Change all plugin options including tab ordering.
  • Backup/restore of the HTC Home Plugin (contacts, launcher, weather and settings), HTC Home Customizer settings and theme files.

Nice work emunutz! You can download this cool little app here.

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