Is Microsoft Windows Doomed?

Let’s face it. Windows Vista is not going as planned for Microsoft. If Microsoft doesn’t make significant changes to Windows, it very well may be doomed.

Windows Vista was supposed to be a blockbuster sales machine for Microsoft but instead you have OEM’s that extended the sales of Windows XP on new PC’s. Why? Because Windows XP is a better operating system and consumers are demanding it. It’s leaner, faster and uses a lot less memory than Vista. Windows XP also has driver support for all major hardware manufacturers.

Industry experts agree that if Microsoft is to remain competitive they need to make some serious changes to Windows. Some say that Windows needs to incorporate some radical changes such as adding multiple kernels and limiting certain programs access to specific areas of the operating system for better security. This would require a major rewrite. Is Microsoft going to do this? We will have to wait and see.

With Windows 7 due out in 2010, time will tell if consumers skip Windows Vista altogether in hopes that Windows 7 will deliver the performance, features, security and usability that they’re looking for. I believe that Microsoft already had it’s wakeup call and will not be ignoring the public Vista bashing it’s been receiving. I believe that Windows 7 will be a far superior operating system than Windows Vista. It has to be, Microsoft doesn’t have a choice.

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