Turbocharge WordPress Posting and Deleting Speed

WordPress posting and deleting performance has slowed to a crawl and you’re now receiving the “Error in Deleting” message in your browser when you try to delete multiple posts at the same time. What is causing this you ask? Here’s the answer:

I run WordPress for all of my blogs and have discovered that one plugin in particular was causing a serious enough load on the web server to cause extremely slow posting and a “Error in Deleting” message while attempting to delete multiple posts. This was caused by the hugely popular Google XML Sitemaps plugin.

The more posts you have on your blog the slower the posting speed and deleting speed while be. This is caused by the excessive time needed to rebuild and resubmit the sitemap as you publish a new post or delete a post(s). In my case for instance my largest blog, Smartphone and Gadget News https://electrogeek.com/blog has about 9,500 posts as of this writing and was coming to a crawl when publishing or deleting.

To determine that the Google XML Plugin is causing the problem on your blog, try disabling the plugin for a moment and then try creating a post(s) and then delete multiple posts simultaneously. Nice huh. Turbo posting speed is back. Does this mean you have to stop using this great plugin? No way.

1. Re enable the plugin.

2. Go into the plugin settings and under Advanced Options check the box that says: “Build the sitemap in a background process.” This is huge. This will delay the rebuild and submission of the sitemap for a few seconds which will enable your posts to be published and deleted in seconds versus minutes. This has also eliminated the “Error in Deleting” message which I was receiving while attempting to delete multiple posts at the same time.

Another thing you can do to help the sitemap rebuild performance is to try setting the memory limit to 16M under advanced options. This seems to have helped as well. Good luck and happy blogging!