Sprint EVO 4G Battery Saving Tweaks


The EVO 4G from Sprint has been a great phone so far during initial testing except for the fact that it sucks power like an air conditioner on a 105 degree day if you let it. I put together a few power saving tweaks that will help preserve your precious EVO 4G go-go juice. You might call it the “ElectroGeek 12 Step Program to Longer EVO 4G battery life.” (Or not))

  1. Don’t use  the advanced task killer app. This app will use more power shutting down other apps than it will save you power.
  2. Turn off WiFi
  3. Turn off location services. GPS & wireless networks.
  4. Turn off 4G – This is huge people. 4G sucks the battery with a fierce appetite.
  5. Turn off all accounts that you don’t need synced under Accounts & sync.
  6. Set your email to send & receive at a 15 minute interval or higher.
  7. Turn off Phone Vibrate (Sounds & display)
  8. Turn off Haptic Feedback (Sounds & display)
  9. Turn off vibrate for all reminders. (Calendar, email, etc.)
  10. Use a dark colored wallpaper or scene.
  11. Turn off Animation (Sounds & display)
  12. Power off your phone completely and charge it all night 1 time.

If you apply the previous battery saving tweaks your Sprint EVO 4G will last twice as long as it does right out of the box. I have been able to run my EVO 4G under heavy use for up to 12 hours or more at a time. It now lasts days when used lightly. Let’s keep in mind that the EVO 4G is more like a computer than a phone and as a result it requires a great deal of power to operate when all services and apps are running.

Only run the power sucking apps and services when you need them. The EVO 4G is one of the best phones I have owned to date and the service from Sprint owns AT&T big time. Hopefully the software will soon catch up to the hardware and make the EVO 4G an even better do all device.