Be Wary of Fast and Cheap Virus Removal Services

You’ve heard it all before. “Fast and Cheap virus removal starting at only $19.99 and done in 30 minutes!” When you see an offer like that it’s time to run away.

You may have seen advertisements for super cheap and fast virus removal services that promise to rid your PC of viruses in 30 minutes for only $19.99 or some other similar offer. Well, after 20 years in the IT support business I can honestly say that’s a sure fire scam. Would you expect to pay $19.99 to fix your furnace or your washing machine? Probably not. The reality is you get what you pay for.

Sure you could make it appear that the viruses are gone from the PC in 30 minutes however the reality is they’re not and will resurface days after the tech is finished. It takes time to do the job right. It may also require several different applications at times to clean all the viruses properly. In certain cases the operating system files may become corrupted or damaged and it may become necessary to backup your data, format the hard drive and reload the windows operating system to effectively remove all the virus infections. This takes a lot of time to do properly.

It doesn’t matter if it’s an unbelievable cheap price of a car, a promise of instant Internet wealth or even a promise to fix your computer for $20 bucks, when something sounds to good to be true it usually is.