Sprint Website Down Yet Again

It seems that Sprint’s website is down yet again.

Apparently as of 10:30 am Central time May 12, 2011 Sprint is having an issue with it’s “Now Network” website staying online. They seem to have been having an issue with periodic outages for a few years now that have been documented.

Although I have been recently praising Sprint’s service, network quality and good selection of Android devices, there’s nothing more frustrating than going to login into your account online only to find that the website is either down or unusable. Let’s face it, this is not Bob’s cell phone service I’m talking about here, it’s the number 3 wireless carrier in the country. There are many methods of redundancy that should be put in place so that the Sprint website NEVER goes offline.

If Sprint wants to continue to acquire new clients and stop the hemorrhage of existing clients they will need to make sure that unless a nuclear warhead wipes out our country’s wireless infrastructure the Sprint website must ALWAYS remain online.