Firefox Strategy is a Recipe for Failure

Firefox 5 was launched as planned and on schedule this week–and also marked the “end of life” for support of Firefox 4. Mozilla’s rapid release schedule, and the strategy to essentially make each new release a requirement to continue support paint Firefox into a corner where only loyal hobbyists can reliably use the browser.

The latest flagship version of the Mozilla Web browser comes a mere two months after the official release of Firefox 4, and also marks the end of official support for Firefox 4. From Mozilla’s perspective, the “security patch” for Firefox 4 is to upgrade to Firefox 5. We can assume that in another couple months when Firefox 6 emerges, that Firefox 5 will suffer the same fate.

Were you hoping for a patch or update to address the security concerns with WebGL in Firefox? Well, if you are using Firefox 4, don’t hold your breath. The “fix” for the WebGL issues in Firefox 4 is to upgrade to Firefox 5.

For consumers, it probably won’t be a big deal. Firefox 5 is more like Firefox 4.1, or Firefox with some minor tweaks and updates. Compared with Firefox 4, Firefox 5 is the sort of update that many users would just automatically enable, and–if it weren’t for the new version number–might barely notice. I know that Internet Explorer gets a cumulative update patch every Patch Tuesday, and it automatically installs on my PC and I never give it a second thought.

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