Android device activations now exceed 500,000 per day

More than a half-million Android devices are now being activated every day, and the number is growing at 4.4 percent worldwide, the head of Google’s mobile platform has revealed.

Rubin disclosed the numbers in a message posted on his official Twitter account Tuesday morning. Rubin is Google’s vice president of engineering, the mastermind behind Android, and a former Apple engineer.

The numbers show the pace of activations for Android is growing rapidly. In December of 2010, Rubin revealed on Twitter that Google was then activating 300,000 Android devices per day.

Last October, in a surprise appearance on his company’s quarterly earnings conference call, Apple Chief Executive Steve Jobs talked about Android and iOS activations. At the time, Google had said it was activating 200,000 Android devices per day, while Jobs revealed that Apple was activating 275,000 iOS devices each day with a peak of 300,000 on some days.

Since the iPhone first launched in 2007, Apple has sold more than 200 million iOS devices. iOS powers the iPhone, iPad and iPod touch, and is also found in the new Apple TV.

For some time now, sales figures have shown that sales of Android-powered devices, available in multiple form factors and configurations from numerous hardware makers, have moved ahead of the iPhone and iOS.

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