Sprint: ‘No Comment’ On iPhone 5

Another report suggests that the iPhone 5’s display may be smaller than initially thought.

According to a leaked internal memo published by SprintFeed, higher-ups at Sprint want the company’s retail store employees to downplay reports that the Now Network may sell the Apple iPhone come October.

The memo, which is addressed to All Dealers reads: “Action Required–Do Not Speculate about Sprint Getting the iPhone. If you are asked by a customer or by friends and family members, you need to avoid making any comments about the iPhone and simply state ‘no comment.'”

Last week, the Wall Street Journal reported that Sprint will carry both the iPhone 5 and the iPhone 4 for the first time. Sprint won’t be alone, however. The iPhone 5 will reportedly launch on AT&T and Verizon Wireless’ networks the same time it goes on sale from Sprint in mid October.

Sprint suggests that employees may acknowledge the Wall Street Journal report, but can’t offer any information or comment about it, and should refer inquisitive customers to Sprint’s newsroom.

The most interesting aspect about the memo is that it doesn’t instruct Sprint employees to deny the story. If it’s not true, wouldn’t it be prudent for Sprint to stamp out the fires of speculation? Does this confirm that the iPhone is headed to Sprint? No, not at all, but it certainly falls under the “things that make you go, ‘Hmm'” category. (Is anyone else tempted to go to a Sprint retail store and put an employee on the hot seat to see how they respond to this line of questioning, or is that just me?)

Moving on…

In other iPhone news Monday, DigiTimes has suggested that the iPhone 5 won’t have a four-inch display as originally thought. Earlier this year, supply-side channel checks appeared to confirm that Apple was ordering tons of four-inch touch panels. Now, DigiTimes says the dimensions of the iPhone’s display are likely to fall between 3.5 and 3.7 inches.

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