311,000 Honda Pilots and Nearly 500,000 Subarus Are Recalled

Honda is recalling roughly 311,000 S.U.V.’s and Subaru is recalling almost 500,000 of its models, according to the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration.

Honda’s action covers the 2009-11 Pilot. In a crash, the Pilot’s front seat belts may not restrain occupants.

In a news release issued late on Sept. 9, Honda said the stitching “may be incomplete or missing” on the lap section of the front belts, and “in a crash, affected seat belts may become disconnected from the anchor webbing, increasing the risk of injury.”

The automaker said it was not aware of any injuries. However, in its report to N.H.T.S.A., it said it was aware of two cases in which the belts separated.

The first instance occurred in May 2010, and Honda said it investigated and traced the problem to an “inexperienced” sewing machine operator at the supplier in Mexico. Honda said it learned of a second occurrence 13 months later, investigated and on Aug. 31 decided a recall was necessary.

Honda described the recall as voluntary, but once a manufacturer is aware of a safety problem it has no choice but to inform the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration of its plan for a recall. Otherwise it faces a civil fine.

Full Story Via New York Times