Facebook users protest changes to News Feed, new ‘ticker’

Maybe it’s time for Facebook to finally roll out that “dislike” button.

Facebook is getting an earful about changes it made to the News Feed right before its annual developers conference Thursday.

Of course, anytime the social networking site makes changes, users revolt at audible levels. Facebook is the world’s most popular social networking service with more than 750 million users, so even a small protest can stir up the Web.

The loudest protest came in 2006 with the launch of News Feed, which turned into one of the site’s most popular features.

Now users are taking to their News Feeds to protest the overhaul of the News Feed.

And they are complaining in comments to the official Facebook blog post announcing the changes that were supposed to help users by surfacing the most important information about their friends instead of just the most recent.

The main complaint: An algorithm that spits out your “Top Stories” by crunching factors such as which friends you interact with most and which of your friends’ posts get the most comments or “likes” isn’t working.

Wrote Amanda Stein: “To put it simply, I hate the new format. And I’ve been sending in feedback saying so since I first became an unwilling beta tester for it. It’s awful. I do not want Facebook telling me what stories are important. Nearly every story so far that has been marked as a Top Story hasn’t been important at all. One of my friends liking another friend’s FarmVille post is not important. Another friend changing her profile picture is not important. You are acting like you’ve improved the functionality of Facebook but you’ve done the opposite.”

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