Blackberry Bites the Dust as iPhone and Android Pounce

After RIM’s massive global service outage last week that affected an unknown number of global Blackberry users, RIM offers free apps to help win customers loyalty back.

To try and make amends with it’s customers RIM is including games like Sims 3, Bejeweled, and Bubble Bash 2, as well as productivity software such as iSpeech to it’s customers free of charge. Whoop-dee-doo. Games? Really? Customers were unable to send email and text messages for days and are offered free games in return? You’re kidding right? How about a network that doesn’t do down instead?

Wake up RIM. Can you really afford to have an outage of the magnitude that occurred last week when Apple is reporting record sales of its iPhone 4S on its opening weekend? I didn’t think so. There’s really no reason why the Blackberry network failure should have occurred at that level. I won’t go into details about how their network should be fault tolerant and able to recover within a matter of seconds to avoid a disaster like that, but I’ll just say shame on you RIM.

Knock, knock. Is RIM home? Apple’s iPhone and Google’s Android are knocking at your door and they’re knocking hard.