Windows 8 Promises Fewer Annoying Restarts

Microsoft says its next OS will only require users to restart their PCs once a month, unless there is a crucial security patch.

Windows has a bothersome habit of interrupting users and asking them to shut down their PCs so that an update can be installed. That will occur less frequently in Windows 8 as a result of changes Microsoft is building into the operating system, a company official said.

Windows 8 “will make restarts less annoying,” said Farzana Rahman, group program manager for Windows Update, in a blog post. “The challenge we faced was to find the balance between updating with speed and giving notice to the user for upcoming restarts.”

Windows 7, the current version of Microsoft’s PC OS, gives users a number of options when it comes to update notification and installation. Users can select to have updates installed automatically, they can opt for notification when an update is available, and they can choose to be notified only before an update is installed.

Those who choose to have updates installed automatically can elect to have the update occur at a predetermine time, or they can opt to have it installed as soon as it’s available

Full Story Via InformationWeek