Cyber Monday 55% Off at

Cyber Monday 55% Off Computer Tune-Up

Cyber Monday 55% Off at

I have been called crazy by some before for doing these insanely discounted deals. Now I’m going to prove them right. I must be crazy to take 55% Off the best Computer Tune-Up Service.

On Cyber Monday November 28th, 2011 I am offering an unheard of 55% Off of our Remote PC or Laptop Tune-Up. I told people I was going to do this for Cyber Monday and they said I was nuts. They said, “How can you afford to give people 55% Off of the best computer service in the country?” I replied, “How can I afford not to!”

I figure that if I practically give away my PC and Laptop Tune-Up service at an unheard of 55% Off the regular price that will give people who haven’t tried ElectroGeek Computer Services a great reason to do so. Once they do I know they’ll love ElectroGeek Computer Support Services and become a customer for life.

How does your Remote PC or Laptop Tune-Up Work?

Using our state of the art Remote Support Software which utilizes military grade secure encryption, we connect to your PC or Laptop safely and securely. We then perform our 20 step process which improves your PC’s speed up to 100% faster than it was before. Sounds to good to be true? Most people don’t realize that their PC was NEVER setup and optimized properly when they bought it. We unleash the hidden speed that lies within your computer.

Can’t I buy software to do this for me?

No. You cannot purchase software that will do what we do. Most of the so called PC Optimization software that is available to  purchase is a scam. Some are even considered Malware or Spyware or contain viruses. Some of the programs that claim to fix registry errors and speed up your PC can actually slow down your computer and cause your computer not to function.

What parts of the U.S. do you service?

This Cyber Monday Remote PC or Laptop Service is available nationwide.

How do I purchase or get more information about the ElectroGeek Cyber Monday PC or Laptop Tune-Up Deal? 

It’s easy. Just click here for more information and you’ll be directed to