Amazing! Apple Actually Buys Something Made in America!

Apple has long been criticised for the way in which while it sells a lot of things in America, designs a lot of things in America, it doesn’t actually make very much in America. Nor does it use much that is made in America in its iPhones, iPads and so on.

So it’s interesting to see that production of the main chip in their consumer electronics has been onshored, to Texas:

Apple‘s A5 chips are now being made in Texas, not Asia as was its predecessor the A4, according to a report from Reuters, citing “people familiar with the operation”.

The chips that power the iPad 2 and iPhone 4S are being produced by Apple’s smartphone competitor Samsung in its huge fab in Austin, capital of the Oil State. Samsung previously made iOS-powering silicon in its South Korea facility.

I wonder if that will make people happier?

It wouldn’t be too surprising to see iPad 3 parts, or components for any future Apple device, come from Texas. Apple’s previous processor, the A4, was also produced by Samsung, and now the company is building the A5. If the trend continues, Apple’s A6 chip, which is expected to double the speed of the A5, may also be built in Texas.

The new factory in Austin, Texas sprawls 1.6 million square feet, roughly the size of nine football fields, and cost Samsung a whopping $3.6 billion to construct. The Austin Chamber of Commerce says Samsung’s total investment is actually much higher than that, and falls just short of about $9 billion. The factory, which is the largest foreign investment in the state of Texas, has been churning out non-memory chips since early December, and nearly all of the output has been “dedicated to producing Apple chips,” according to one factory worker.

I don’t know whether it will make people happier or not. For there aren’t many jobs involved with it: 1,100 it seems are all that are required to produce all of the chips that Apple needs. So we can’t exactly say that manufacturing provides lots of jobs.

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