Chrome for Android

Three years on, Chrome at last arrives on Android

Google today released a beta version of its Chrome browser for Android, a momentous step that marries two of Google’s most important programming projects.

Chrome for Android

The new browser, unlike the stock Android browser, is available in the Android Market so that people don’t have to wait for handset makers to offer it through an operating system upgrade. But its reliance on newer hardware acceleration interfaces means it only works on Ice Cream Sandwich, which despite emerging last year on Samsung’s Galaxy Nexus smartphone remains a rarity in the real world.

Chrome for Android includes the desktop version’s V8 JavaScript engine, has gesture-based controls for moving among multiple tabs, synchronizes with the desktop version of Chrome, and shuts out plug-ins including Adobe Systems’ Flash Player and Google’s own Native Client. With its performance and features, Google expects Android users to increase their browser activity.

“In general, we have seen usage go up,” said Sundar Pichai, Google’s senior vice president of Chrome and Apps. “I expect to see more people use the mobile Web.”

It’s unfortunate that it’s limited to Ice Cream Sandwich, but Chrome doubtless will take off widely among those with Android 4.0. Even in beta, it’s a compelling browser at least on the Galaxy Nexus I tried it on, and it’s and a much better match for Apple’s Safari on iOS. And eventually, its success is all but assured when it simply becomes what ships with Android.

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