Intel to introduce web-based TV service this year

Intel is planning to launch a web-based TV service for US consumers before the end of 2012, according to The Wall Street Journal. The company, known for its silicon chips in the computer industry, wants to expand beyond familiar territory and to reach consumers more directly. It’s planning to launch an Intel-branded pay-TV service that will work with an Intel-built set-top box.

Intel has been pitching the idea to media companies over the last several months, revealing plans to create a “virtual cable operator” that would deliver TV programming in bundles similar to the subscriptions sold by cable- and satellite-TV providers. Intel may take more of an a la carte approach that will give consumers more options in selecting the programming they want.

Intel will not be providing internet service but will be manufacturing the set-top box and has already demoed a preliminary user interface for browsing the programs. However, the company has yet to secure any programming deals and has so far only requested rate cards from program providers to gauge the costs involved.

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