17 thoughts on “Building Windows 8 for ARM”

  1. Windows 8 is mainly a tablet thing, they’re only putting it on PCs so it gets popular….. Stop complaining people you don’t have to get it

  2. @jordyGFC Im pretty sure @nailbitter is right. While I haven’t had the chance to use the early releases, every preview I’ve seen says it has both metro and aero UIs

  3. @TheWorldOfJames You don’t have to use the metro ui, in all the previews I’ve seen 8 also comes with the standard aero ui

  4. @jordyGFC they might be losing fans but also gaining fans. Every company that changes something is going to lose fans. Not everyone is going to like it. But there are some ppl that are goin to switch over and love the new experience. Just because you don’t like it doesn’t mean its not a good idea. That’s why they are a succeeding company and your just sitting there watching their youtube videos.

  5. Looks good but.. The consistency of the tiles will erk me… It’s like marriage and I’m a sucker for cheating. I just can’t look at the same face everyday. I need some more customization. It’s nice an flowy but it still in my opinion lacks sex appeal… There needs to be more… I’m still getting one but it’s going to play a secondary role. My Transformer Prime is just too good to lift up

  6. Have Microsoft not realised there losing there current fans by making this fully metro? Yes your appealing to apple customers with it, yes your making it windows phone for tablets basically BUT ITS NOT A FUCKING USABLE DESKTOP OS!

  7. good information but his voice just going to put me to sleep. however, i like the idea.

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