Kingdom Come: Deliverance Finally Comes To Switch Next Year

Kingdom Come: Deliverance Switch release date

It’s been over two years since it was announced that the 2018 medieval RPG Kingdom Come: Deliverance would be launching on Switch. That silence has finally been broken with the news that the Nintendo port is arriving sometime next year.

The Switch version comes in the form of Kingdom Come: Deliverance – Royal Edition. The port is being handled by Saber Interactive (Warhorse Studios is the original developer) and bundles the base game with all released DLC. It will be available both digitally and physically. There’s no new trailer showcasing how the game runs on Switch, but Saber did release a few screenshots of the port. 


Kingdom Come: Deliverance first arrived in February 2018 and stars Henry, the son of a blacksmith who embarks on a quest to fight against invaders to avenge the death of his parents and the destruction of his village. The game is best known for its demanding, realistic gameplay, which has earned it a cult following of dedicated fans while polarizing others. 

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