More Silent Hill News Is Arriving This Week

Konami revealed it is holding another Silent Hill Transmission event on May 30 at 4 P.M. PDT. The last Silent Hill Transmission happened in 2022 and revealed a surprising amount of Silent Hill news including the reveal of the remake of Silent Hill 2, Silent Hill f, a new Silent Hill movie, and more.

The post announcing the event reads, “Consider this your invitation letter to Silent Hill. ✉️ Tune in May 30 at 4 p.m. PDT to our SILENT HILL YouTube channel for the second installment of the #SILENTHILL Transmission where we’ll share game updates, a deeper look at the film, and new merch.”

The safe bet is a teaser trailer for the movie and hopefully new details about the Silent Hill 2 remake and Silent Hill f, the latter of which seems like the franchise’s next big original entry. Silent Hill Ascension, the online mobile narrative game where players dictated the story choices, also finished up its first season (though the developer may have a different term for it), so it’s possible we may learn what’s next for that game.

Full Story Via Game Informer