PlayStation Rolling Out Update To Allow Players To Join Discord Chat Directly From PS5

PlayStation is rolling out an update in the coming weeks that will finally allow players to join a Discord voice chat directly from their PS5 consoles. Currently, you can only use Discord on PS5 after first joining a voice chat group via a PC or phone, which is quite a cumbersome step to take in order to talk with friends while gaming. 

The update will gradually roll out to PS5 players in the coming weeks, starting first with Japan and Asia, followed by Europe, Australia and New Zealand, and the Middle East, and finally, North and South America. You will need to update your console to the latest system software and link your PlayStation Network and Discord accounts in order to take advantage of this upcoming feature. 

To start a Discord voice chat directly from a PS5, players need to select the Discord tab in the Control Center’s Game Base. Here, choose a Discord server or DM group you’d like to join, select your preferred voice channel, and you’re set. You will receive a notification when another Discord user calls you, too, allowing you to join immediately. 

This upcoming update will arrive more than two years after PlayStation gave players the ability to link their PSN accounts to Discord back in 2021. 

Are you excited about this update? Let us know in the coming weeks!

Full Story Via Game Informer