Star Wars! Solar Bursts Supercharge Earth’s Atmosphere

  Sporadic radio blackouts are expected to occur in the wake of a massive eruption of solar plasma, technically known as a coronal mass ejection. Scientists predicted that fast-moving charged particles could spawn minor or moderate geomagnetic storms at high altitudes, creating colorful aurora bursts among the so-called Northern Lights.

Asimo Robot is so Human it’s Freaky! – VIDEO

Check out Honda’s new Asimo robot. He’s had so many improvements that Asimo the robot can now open bottles with his new hands, push a cart, hop on one leg, run, recognize multiple conversations, serve drinks, avoid objects and more. That’s one cool robot. Check out the video. httpv://

New Technology Allows Researchers to See Through Walls – VIDEO

Researchers at MIT have developed a technology that literally allows them to see through walls. Pretty amazing stuff. The researchers developed a type of radar that is powerful enough to actually produce video that shows what’s going on on the other side of a wall. Check out the video for a demonstration of how it …

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