32GB flash chips target mobile devices

Toshiba has announced new NAND flash memory devices said to offer the highest densities ever. The 32GB devices use chips built on 43 nanometer process technology, integrate controllers for standard interfaces, and target mobile phones, handhelds, and PNDs (personal navigation devices).

Hardware emulator revs up for multicore

Wind River has updated its Linux-compatible ICE 2 (in-circuit emulator) to better support multicore debugging on 32- and 64-bit SoCs, it says. Additionally, the vendor’s tools division has promised a Trace 2 add-on module aimed at improving “visibility” into device/software interactions.

Lightweight GNOME alternative emerges

A fast, fast-booting, implementation of GNOME aimed at netbooks and older hardware has emerged, and shows “a lot of promise.” LXDE has already stacked up a heap of commercial partners, including gOS, a distribution favored by leading systems integrator FIC.

Tiny open source computer made from six ICs

A tiny embedded development startup called Linuxstamp is shipping a tiny open-source computer comprised of only six integrated circuits (ICs). Demonstrated this week at LinuxWorld’s “Linux Garage” exposition on a Linux- and Lego-based robot, the Atmel/ARM9-based Linuxstamp offers freely downloadable kit schematics.