Linux gains lightweight media-oriented graphics stack

An open source multimedia graphics framework for embedded applications has emerged, along with a Linux-based media center middleware stack. The “Disko” framework and “MorphineTV” stack can be used to build graphical user interfaces for digital video broadcast receivers and IPTV set-top boxes, according to project leaders.

New mobile device touchscreen tech demo’d

Wacom has announced a new touchscreen technology aimed at reducing problems associated with capacitive touchscreens in mobile devices. RRFC (reversing ramped field capacitive) touchscreens will use ramped voltages to deliver greater accuracy, easier finger operation, freedom from recalibration, and longer battery life, Wacom says.

Linux-based NAS devices move up to 6TB

Blurring the line between SOHO and enterprise network-attached storage (NAS), Netgear has announced three appliances that each provide six drive bays in a small-format box. The Linux-based ReadyNAS Pro systems come in 1.5TB, 3TB, and 6TB versions, and use Intel Core 2 Duo processors, says Netgear.

Black Duck buys Koders

A company providing software license compliance management tools has agreed to purchase a company providing online search tools aimed at helping developers find reusable ope- source software. Black Duck Software says its buy-out of Koders will bring improvements to the search technology in both companies’ products.