Ford Makes The BSOD A Model Option

Just in case legislators needed more in-car distractions to crusade against, Microsoft and Ford are set to unveil plans for a new in-car communications system at January’s Detroit auto show and at CES. Dubbed “Sync,” the system will offer drivers a hands-free Bluetooth wireless headset and an in-vehicle operating system, letting users chat, check e-mail, …

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Vista Flaws Leave Door Open for Hackers

Microsoft’s claim of superior security in its new Vista Vista OS already faces challenges, with a set of vulnerabilities reported Tuesday that affect IE and Firefox Web browsers, as well as the Exchange Server. Though a hacker could exploit these flaws to commandeer a Vista-based computer, the software giant insists the problems are minor. Full …

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New Webcam Needs No Power or Internet Access

A company called DigitalXtractions makes and sells the ULTIMATE OUTDOOR WEBCAM called the SCIRC t1. The camera gets its power from the sun, and connects to the Internet using built-in cell phone electronics. Full Story Via TheRawFeed [eminimall products=”webcam” channel=”electrogeek_post_webcam”] [tags]webcam,SCRIRC t1,outdoor webcam,Internet,cell phone,cell phone webcam,mobile webcam,wireless webcam[/tags]