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PC Setup and Customize
We will setup your new PC or MacPrinterMonitor and any additional devices to your preferences in your home or office. If you have 1 PC at your home or 100+ to roll out for your office, you can count on us. Every computer setup receives our extensive performance optimization at no extra charge which ensures your new computer is optimized to run as fast as possible. (Which is not the case out of the box!)

Operating System Solutions
If your PC has crashed or is running slow we will fix the damage to your operating system. In addition, we will perform hardware/software diagnostics and optimize your system for improved performance.

Virus Removal
You’ve tried everything but you’re still getting pop-ups, your homepage has changed, you can’t access the Internet. Your computer is frozen. Your PC has the symptoms. We have the cure. We are the experts at getting rid of the stubborn viruses, spyware and malware that others cannot. Call us and we’ll get you up and running quickly! (FREE Antivirus software is included)

Password Recovery
Lost your password? Don’t spend hours reloading your operating system. Call us. We’ll reset your password on any PC running Windows 10, Windows 7 or your Mac Computer.

Data Migration (Data Transfer)
We will move all of your important files from your old computer to your new computer. This includes your Photos, Documents, Videos, Music, Bookmarks, Email and more! We’ve got you covered.

System Tune-Up/Optimization
We will tune-up your old PC and help it run like new. By removing unneeded files and services, fixing drive errors and compacting your existing data your PC will feel young again.

Gmail/Yahoo/GoDaddy/AOL/Outlook Email Help
We are the pros when it comes to resolving your web based email problems. We resolve issues with AOL, Yahoo, Gmail, GoDaddy, and all other web based email programs. We will work with you to get your email back up and running and configured with your favorite Android or iPhone smartphone, tablet or PC. Just need some help using email? Not a problem, we love to assist customers with using their favorite email program.

Microsoft Outlook Repair
“Cannot start Microsoft Outlook. Cannot open the Outlook window.” If you have seen that Outlook error message or others we can help. We can repair Microsoft Outlook issues over the phone and remotely via our secure Internet based remote access software. We have helped customers throughout the United States with Microsoft Outlook problems for years.


Memory Install/Upgrade
We will install new memory (RAM) in your PC for increased performance.

DVD/Optical Drive Install
We will install your DVD/Optical Drive in your PC.

I/O Card Install
We will install and configure any internal card in your PC.

Hard Drive Install
We will install your new hard drive in your PC.

Peripheral Setup
We will get your digital camera, scanner or printer setup and working with your PC.

Business customer? Do you need support for your office computers? Call 847-724-9111 to speak to a representative about our business computer service options or click here for more information.


Wired Networking
We provide network services ranging from Wiring and Design to Maintenance, Setup and Troubleshooting. We are your Microsoft Windows Networking Specialists.

Wireless Network Setup
We will setup and encrypt your wireless network so you can securely share the internet, files and printers between multiple PC’s.

Add a Device to an Existing Network
We will add a device to your existing network (wired or wireless) so that it can share files, internet and printers.

Remote Network Troubleshooting
Is your wired or wireless network giving your trouble. Call us and we’ll help determine the problem and recommend a solution.

Broadband Internet Setup
We will setup a new DSL/Cable router/modem or replace your faulty device with your new device to restore broadband service. We are the pros when it comes to Xfinity/Comcast & AT&T U-verse setup and integration for your home or office.

Network Storage Device Setup (NAS)
We will add a networked storage device to your existing network to use for data backup and file sharing.


Software Install
We will install your new software application on your computer and configure it with your preferences.

Remote Software Install
We will help you to install your software application and configure it with your preferences.

Operating System Install
We will install a new operating system on your computer and configure it with your preferences.

Antivirus Install
We will install FREE antivirus software on your computer and update it with the latest definitions available.

Software Repair or Update
We will update or repair a damaged software program on your PC.


PC or Mac Training Session
You choose the hi-tech topic and we will do the rest. Topics include, Software (Microsoft Office, iTunes, etc), Digital Music, Camcorders, Photo Import and organization. We will instruct you on any topic you need assistance with one on one for any length of time you need in your home or office.

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